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Quick and easy theme modifications, from professionals

Weebly Theme Tweaks

Don't like something about a Weebly theme? We can modify and tweak it to your liking!

Having the Perfect Website Is Important.

We have helped countless of businesses create impressive websites and boost their sales. However, sometimes themes don't fit everyone. If you want a modification to any of our Weebly themes, you can take advantage of this quick and professional service!






modern LOOKS
Responsive, dynamic, everything!

Any Modification/Tweak

Despite the high satisfaction rate among our customers, nobody can create a theme that fits all businesses and styles. That's why we have our Theme Tweaks service, where we can modify any of our Weebly themes or templates to your liking. Plus, with fair-affordable pricing, you can be guaranteed that you're getting a great deal. 

Whether you want something simple such as a minor header position change, or something massive such as an entirely new page layout to your liking, we can definitely do it! Our professionals will enhance any theme you want, and make it truly unique and one that resembles your brand. 

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You Deserve The Best Site

Establish The Perfect Brand Identity

With a unique theme enhancement via our Theme Tweaks service, you can successfully establish your unique brand identity and multiply your sales exponentially. We can modify our themes to satisfy any style or business, and will be happy to do so. 

Add New Functionality To Your Website

Need an extra feature added to your website? Want more layouts, or something you liked from another site? No problem! We can add virtually any feature to your Weebly website, and add any layout you desire. 

Quick Development Times, Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We will modify your Weebly website and theme to your liking in under a week, far faster than any competitors or private designers. Plus, our solutions are far more affordable and we guarantee that you'll be pleased with the changes. 

INterested in what exactly we do?

Some Common Tweaks We Do

common feature #1

Modify Header

Many times, our customers want us to modify the header in either the layout style or its properties. Estimated cost is around $40 for such a change.

common feature #2

Complete Style Change

Customers who want a truly unique website that reflects their brand will request a complete style change of all the buttons, layouts...etc basically a redesign. Estimated cost is $150

common feature #3

Add Vertical Nav

A popular trend is a vertical navigation, so often customers request vertical navigation on some of the pages with many sections and content, for easier navigation. 

common feature #4

Animate Pictures & Text

Check out our homepage. See those pictures & text flyin' in and out of your screen? Yeah, that's possible with Weebly! Estimated cost is around $95, depends on difficulty.

common feature #5

Add More Dynamics

Want to make your website more interactive and dynamic? We can do that for you by adding some common web trends such as interactive HTML5 elements. ~$80.

common feature #6

New Custom Layouts

Want even more page layouts? We can do that, too! We can create any page layout you want. Estimated prices start at $60 per layout, but can increase or decrease.

Those are just some examples, we can do much more! Request a quote on the bottom of this page to learn more and to receive an estimate on how much a change or addition will cost.


Affordable Pricing







Estimated Time: Two Days

i.e Font Change, Header Position Change, Color Changes...etc.

If you want a minor change such as a position change, color edits, text modifications, or anything along the lines, then it should cost you around $20-$40, but typically it doesn't go above $25 for a simple change. 

Estimated Time: 5 Days

i.e Add A New page Layout, Add Vertical Navigation...etc.

If you want to add something to your website, such as maybe a new feature or a new simple page layout, then it will cost you about $50-$100. For example, if you wanted to add a scroll page layout, it would cost ~$55

Estimated Time: 1-2 Weeks

i.e Add Several Page Layouts, Complete Redesign of Theme...etc.

With the complete style change, our designers work with you in determining what styles are best for your company, and suggest various designs to you. We then implement those designs. 

Confused? Don't worry! Simply request a quote below by telling us what changes you'd like to see, and we'll tell you an estimate of how much it would cost, how long it would take, among other things.