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Introducing Ethereal

+ The #1 Best-Selling Weebly Theme of All Time
+ Beautiful Award-Winning Parallax Design
+ Video Backgrounds, Scrolling Navigation & More
Compatible With All Weebly Plans & Features
+ Complete, Step-By-Step Instructions
24/7 Expert Customer Support

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The #1 Best-Selling Weebly Theme of All Time

Introducing Ethereal, a beautiful modern responsive Weebly theme. Featuring a stunning sleek design and a wide variety of page types, Ethereal will revolutionize your Weebly website. It has beautiful font styles, and is super easy to install into Weebly. No technical knowledge required. Check out the live demo!






modern design

Beautiful Theme

Ethereal is simply fascinating. Look at the live demo if you don’t believe us. It is a multi-purpose Weebly theme that replaces your current theme. With beautiful features such as sections as well as parallax effects, you’ll be able to craft a website that you’re proud of. Guaranteed. 

It is 100% compatible with Weebly. It is designed exclusively for Weebly. We’ve made it frustration free, and its super easy to upload and customize this theme in Weebly. We’ve included a super detailed instructions manual for editing the contents of this theme, so you’ll be able to start building your amazing Weebly website as soon as possible!

designed to perform

A Perfect Weebly Theme

Responsive Design

Ethereal looks fantastic on any device. Whether a viewer is browsing through your Weebly website on a phone or a desktop, rest assured that they’re getting a perfect web browsing experience suited to the screen size of their device. You’ll also get a boost in your ranking on Google if you use the theme due to Ethereal being mobile-friendly. 

Beautifully Designed Page Types

Ethereal contains beautiful, unique page types, capable of serving any purpose. With features that make your life a lot easier, you'll be able to create an awesome website quickly and efficiently. Ethereal contains several truly unique page types, such as OnePage™, which utilizes a full-screen header to add imagery to your website, and let you showcase an image. With Ethereal, you can even add background video to your websites, straight from the Weebly editor without touching any code! It's the ultimate flexibility in an easy-to-use package.

Extremely Easy To Use

We’ve designed Ethereal to be as easy to use as possible, yet as powerful as possible within the Weebly system. With features such as one click installation and step by step tutorials, using Ethereal is a breeze. Ethereal behaves just like a normal Weebly theme, so its always in your Weebly account, and you can use it on any website. 

Pixel-Perfect Design With OneFlow

Ethereal is powered by the latest and greatest in web technology. It was crafted with pixel-perfect design technology, and with OneFlow, your website will look simply stunning on all devices. Over 60% of website visitors come from mobile, and Google favors websites with responsive design. That's why Ethereal is the perfect choice to boost your business.

Unlimited Styles. Unlimited Possibilities.

As an all-in-one multipurpose theme, Ethereal comes with a wide variety of page types and navigation styles. With Ethereal, you can switch between a light themed navigation and a dark themed navigation bar with a click of a button via Weebly's color palettes. It's the ultimate flexibility in the simplest manner.


Ethereal will impress your visitors and create a site that they will remember. Every pixel in Ethereal was crafted with extreme accuracy and perfection. Every line of code was carefully looked at and tested thoroughly.


Ethereal is a true multi-purpose theme. We designed Ethereal to be truly flexible and perfect for virtually any business or organization. Whether you're a small bakery or a Fortune 500 company, Ethereal's extreme customization options and page layouts will help you create a stunning website.


Features included in Ethereal

What makes our Ethereal theme stand out from the crowd?

main feature #1

Specialty Pages

Ethereal has several unique, stunning page types with features never seen before in any Weebly theme. This includes vertical scrolling navigation, and parallax. Create the perfect Weebly site.

main feature #2

Background Video

Ethereal has options to add a video background to any header & section, without touching any code! Simply click a few buttons, add a video, and you're set! It's all drag 'n drop, and 100% Weebly.

main feature #3

100% Drag 'n Drop

Say goodbye to touching code, you can now add sections, manage background video, and do more by simply dragging and dropping blocks into Weebly, just like a default Weebly theme.

main feature #4

Beautiful Design

Ethereal was crafted with upmost delicacy and designed to stand out from the crowd. With a beautiful, modern design, you can create a website you'd be proud to share.

main feature #5

Parallax Effects

Sprinkled throughout the theme is the Parallax effect, which you will see in many elements. For example, the body slowly slides over the header creating a beautiful effect.

main feature #6

100% Weebly 

Ethereal is 100% compatible with all aspects of Weebly, including all plans from free to the paid ones. Plus, you can use it on a variety of accounts, and on unlimited sites! It's a fully compatible theme.

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