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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got a question, see if its already answered. If not, click here to contact us.

Pre-Sale Questions

Can I use your themes over an existing Weebly website, or should I create a new Weebly site?

No, you must create a new Weebly website and apply our themes over that new website. The reason being is our themes are very advanced, and applying our theme over a different theme will result in some content being lost, and many glitches occurring. Its a pain, we know, but its the only way to prevent bugs. 

Will I get regular updates for my theme? How often do you update your themes?

Whenever we need to update a theme to add a feature or fix a bug, we will do so free of charge. We distribute updates via email, so simply download the link we send you, then install our update via our directions to your theme. No content will be lost, and everything will work perfectly. 

main_style.css error

Whenever I try to upload a theme, I get “error, main_style.css missing.”

That’s a common mistake but one that’s easy to fix. When you buy a theme, you get a folder with the instructions, extra’s, and a .zip file inside that folder. Don’t upload the whole folder, just upload the .zip into Weebly. If you upload the entire folder, then you’ll get the “main_style.css” error. 

“too many files, you can upload just one theme at a time”

Hi, when I upload a theme, I get “too many files, you can upload just a theme at a time.”

This is a bug with Weebly’s theme feature. What you need to do is create a new Weebly site in your account, choose a default template without customization, and then upload the theme to that website. Then, switch back to your main website and select the theme you uploaded from the Weebly theme library. 

subscription compatibility

Are your themes compatible with all Weebly subscriptions? (Such as free).

Definitely! Our themes are 100% compatible with all Weebly subscriptions. This includes the free, starter, pro, and business subscriptions. However, on the free subscription, the footer will be locked as default in all of Weebly’s themes.


Can I use your theme many times at the same time, on different Weebly sites?

Yes, you may use our theme on as many websites as you’d like at once. You can also use our theme simultaneously at once on several different Weebly accounts. Our themes can be used as often as you want, on as many websites as you’d like :)

“Theme exceeds the 10mb limit”

I uploaded the Leisure theme but I get “theme exceeds the 10mb limit.”

This is another bug in the Weebly system which should be fixed soon. First, we recommend you use Google Chrome to prevent getting the error message. If you’re using Chrome and you get this, refresh the page and try again. Contact us if it doesn’t work. If you're using the new Weebly Carbon, please contact us. 

question about extras

I didn't get the icons in my download. What do I do in this situation?

This is an issue that sometimes occurs with certain computers and browsers. If you do not see the icon folder in your download folder, then simply email us and we will send you the complete .zip of all the HD icons in an attachment. So if this happens to you, then simply contact us and we'll get it all sorted out!

Our Refund Policy

Due to the fact that our products are digital in nature, we don't usually offer refunds since our products are copyrighted, and piracy is a big concern for us. Most digital vendors such as us do not offer refunds for the items. However, you are only eligible for a refund if (1) There is a technical issue with the item that we cannot solve, and (2) The issue is reported within 10 days. If and only if this criteria is met, then you will be eligible for a full refund.