Equinox comes with a feature called Dynamic Blog, which lets you showcase your latest posts on any page on your website. Here's how to get started.

The Dynamic Blog section displays your latest blog posts.

Be sure your site already has a Weebly Blog to link the dynamic blog section to.

  1. In Page Builder, create a layout that includes a Dynamic Blog section.
  2. After you import this layout in Weebly, scroll to the Dynamic Blog section.
  3. Above the Dynamic Blog section will be a gray bar, with a URL field on the right. This is where you add the URL slug to your blog. Be sure not to enter the full domain (i.e www.mydomain.com/blog) but rather only the slug (/blog). You can find the slug of your blog by visiting it in the live published version of your site, and inspecting the URL.

The Dynamic Blog section does not work in the Weebly Builder. You need to access your live published website in order to see it work.