Create OnePage Vertical Navigation With ScrolliPage

ScrolliPage is a powerful feature in Equinox that lets you add one-page vertical navigation scrolling to your Weebly website.

In essence, ScrolliPage gives your website page a secondary "vertical" navigation that consists of dots. When the user clicks on a dot, they automatically scroll down to some point.

You can add ScrolliPage to your page layouts in two ways. The first way is to use Page Builder. This is the most flexible method because you can use ScrolliPage with other features and elements. Using PageBuilder, you can have ScrolliPage on the same page with parallax sections, or PureSlider headers.

If you just want to use ScrolliPage with default Weebly sections, you can do that too. Continue reading to see how.

Option 1: How To Add ScrolliPage Via Page Builder

Please see the following video tutorial to learn how to add ScrolliPage via Page Builder:

Option 2: Adding ScrolliPage via it's Header Type