How to Install Oxygen into Weebly

This tutorial goes over how to install the Oxygen theme into Weebly. This is a very simple procedure and shouldn't take more than a minute. Ready? Let's go.

Step 1: Download Oxygen

(You may have already done this) Simply download the theme via the download link on your purchase confirmation page, or through the email you received. Save this file somewhere on your computer.

Step 2: Extract The Downloaded File

Open up the downloaded .zip (called either "" or "" and extract its contents. You should see a few PDF's and a folder that says "upload what's inside" (where the actual theme file lives).

Step 3: Do you have a current site?

Step 4: Click on "Theme" and "Change Theme"

In the Weebly editor for your Weebly website, click on the "theme" tab. Then, click on the "Change Theme" button in the left sidebar. This will take you to a screen with all the themes.

Step 5: Click on "Import Theme"

In the theme gallery, click on the "import theme" button in the upper righthand corner of your screen.

Step 6: Upload The .Zip File That Is Located Within The "Upload What's Inside" Folder.

According to Science, 140% of people mistakenly upload the entire downloaded folder, which yields an error. Instead, be sure to only upload the .zip file that is within the "upload what's inside" folder. Make sure you upload the .zip file that is included inside the "upload what's inside" folder. Do not upload the entire Oxygen folder as this will yield an error. The file you upload should look something like "" depending on the version of your theme.

Users often mistakenly upload their entire downloaded theme folder. Don't do this--it will generate an upload error. Instead, be sure to navigate to the downloaded folder, open up the "upload what's inside" folder, and upload the .zip file that's within this folder.

Step 7: Give It a Few Moments

After you select the theme for upload, it will seem like nothing is happening. Give Weebly a minute or two, as the theme is uploading in the background. Upon successful upload, the popup will disappear and you'll be taken to the "custom themes" page.

Step 8: Locate and Select Oxygen

After the theme is done uploading, you will be taken to the "custom themes" page where you should see the Oxygen theme. Click on the blue "choose" button. That's it! From now on, your Oxygen theme will live here, in the custom themes section of your theme library. You will be taken to your Weebly website with Oxygen applied. But we're not done yet--continue reading below.

Be Advised: After Installation, We Recommend Refreshing Your Browser.