Adding Content to the Oxygen Sidebar

Oxygen comes with a global sidebar, letting you drag and drop content into the sidebar for all visitors to use. This tutorial covers how to use it.

How the Sidebar Works

The sidebar is a feature in Oxygen that can be opened via the hamburger menu in the navigation bar on desktop devices. Sidebar does not function on mobile devices due to screen estate limitations on smaller devices, so we recommend not putting any essential content in there.

How to Add Content to the Sidebar

To add content to the sidebar, simply click on the sidebar icon to open it up in the editor. To successfully add content, you must be scrolled all the way up, so make sure you're at the top of the page. Then simply drag and drop objects into the sidebar.

How to Edit Content in the Sidebar

When you're adding content, the screen will not dim and it will not indicate that there's a content section. You simply need to drag and drop the object right into the sidebar. Drag it all the way to the right to add to sidebar, and reposition elements after you've dragged them in.

How to Remove the Sidebar

If you do not wish to have sidebar functionality on your website, you can get rid of it by going into your Weebly Builder, clicking on the "Themes" tab, then clicking on "Theme Options." Here, you can toggle an option that says "Sidebar icon."

Weebly Bug Alert! There's an ongoing bug with the sidebar that results in content dragged in being dropped down to the main content of the website. The simple fix is to let the first element that you drag into the sidebar fall right into the content (i.e you must "sacrifice" it). Then, do the exact same thing with another element, except this time it will fall into the sidebar. In a sense, you have to "arm" or "prime" the sidebar by dragging in an element that will fall to the body of the site (you can delete it after). The second element dragged into the sidebar will stay there, and from there on you can add content effortlessly. We're currently working with our Weebly partners to fix this.