You've Installed Pacific. Now What?

Now that you've installed Pacific, it's time to learn all about what this powerful theme offers. In this tutorial, we'll go over all the essential features you need to know about.

Pacific's Features

Header Slideshows. 3D Parallax. One-Page Scrolling. These are all features included in Pacific that aren't available in default Weebly themes. We've given these features our own names. For example, Pacific's Header Slideshows are called PureSlider. Pacific's 3D parallax are called TrueDepth Parallax. The Pacific OnePage scrolling feature is called ScrolliPage.

These are proprietary solutions developed by Luminous specifically for use in Weebly. While these features seem simple, the code that we've written is very sophisticated, using techniques such as hardware acceleration to deliver an exceptionally smooth performance.

What's the difference between Pacific's Parallax and the default Weebly parallax? There are many differences. For starters, the default Weebly parallax isn't really parallax at all. Parallax is defined as the background image moving at a slower pace relative to the rest of the page, when scrolling. This is what creates the immersive "depth" experience. Weebly's parallax implementation is just a fixed background image that doesn't move. Pacific's parallax, however, actually modulates background images that move at a slower pace. Furthermore, Weebly's parallax does not work on mobile. On mobile devices, the Weebly parallax sections are just...a blurred static image. Our TrueDepth parallax, however, work flawlessly on both mobile and desktop. Given that 70% of internet users today are on mobile, this is an important thing to keep in mind!

How Do I Add These Pacific Features to My Weebly Website?

We've gone over the features included in Pacific, but how do you add them?  In short, there are two different ways of adding these Pacific features into the pages you build.

Option #1 (More Limited): Add Pacific Features to a Page by Changing the Header Type

"Header Types" used to be called "Page Types" so we'll be using them interchangeably. Header Types let you apply a pre-built page layout onto a page you create.

Pacific has a bunch of Header Types included. You'll see Header Types like "PureSlider-3" and "Parallax-3." The number indicates the quantity of each. For example, if you select "Parallax-3" you'll be given 3 Parallax sections to use. If you select "PureSlider-3" you'll be given three Header Slideshow slides. Want five header slideshows instead? Choose "PureSlider-5." Same applies with Parallax.

You can access the header type panel by doing the following:

  1. In the Weebly builder, click on the "Pages" tab.
  2. Click on the page you wish to edit (or create a new one).
  3. Change the Header Type via the dropdown as illustrated below.

This option is great if you don't want to mix-and-match the Pacific features. For example, perhaps you just want a page with a Header Slideshow, and you'll just add your own drag and drop content below. Or maybe you just want two Parallax sections without Header Sliders.

PureSlider-full refers to a fullscreen PureSlider, whereas PureSlider-fixed refers to PureSlider with a fixed height. More on this in the PureSlider tutorial.

But what if you do want a page with a Header Slideshow and a series of Parallax sections? That's where option 2 comes in.

Option 2: Create Your Own Beautiful Custom Header Types / Page Layouts with Pacific's Drag and Drop Page Builder

Pacific's cool feature is the page builder. This is a tool with various header types, features, (such as PureSlider, TrueParallax, etc), and body sections that you can drag and drop in your own configuration, letting you assemble beautiful page layouts.

With Page Builder, you drag and drop the components in your desired format. Then, you publish, and copy + paste the generated code into your Weebly website.

You don't have to use Page Builder to build your website. You can stick to the first method listed above, if you want to use one feature at a time for each page. But if you decide you want to mix-and-match features, such as five Parallax sections and a PureSlider header slider on the same page, you'll need to use Page Builder.

Page Builder isn't required if you're building a website with Pacific (you can use Weebly's drag and drop instead) but Page Builder takes your websites to a whole new level. Page Builder is Pacific's signature feature. This is a tool that lets you assemble your own gorgeous page layouts, by dragging in a series of pre-built blocks. Among these blocks, you'll find the aforementioned Pacific features such as PureSlider Header Sliders and TrueDepth Parallax.

The general workflow for using Page Builder is the following:

  1. Create your desired Page Layout in Page Builder, by dragging and dropping pre-built Blocks.
  2. Export this Page Layout from Page Builder, and import it into Weebly as a New Header Type.
  3. Create a new page in Weebly, and use the imported Page Builder design as its Header Type.

Page Builder is great for those who want to mix-and-match Pacific features on the same page. If you want a header slider, followed by ten Parallax sections, Page Builder lets you do just that.

Page Builder also contains a series of pre-built content blocks that let you showcase your content in a gorgeous professionally styled way.

We highly encourage you to view the dedicated tutorial on how to use Page Builder, available by clicking here.

Note: you cannot edit the content directly in Page Builder. First you must assemble your ideal page layout in Page Builder. Then you must import this layout into Weebly. Once your layout is in Weebly, you can edit the text and images.
At the moment, ScrolliPage is not offered in the Page Builder. To use ScrolliPage, you'll have to apply the header type of a page to ScrolliPage as outlined in Option 1.