How to Customize Pacific's Branding

This tutorial goes over how to customize the design and colors of Pacific to fit your organization's branding.

Accessing the Theme Options Panel

Most of the theme customization happens in the theme options. To access theme options, simply to go your Weebly editor. Next, click on the "THEME" tab. ​Then, in the column to the left, click on the "Theme Options" ​button. It'll look like the image on the left of this page.

Changing Navigation Bar Colors

Changing the navigation colors is critical for establishing your brand, and Pacific lets you do just this. In the "theme options" panel, you'll see four color options that have to do with the navigation. They are "Nav Color", "Nav BG", "Nav Color Scroll."

Here is what each of those options mean:

Nav Color: This is the color of the navigation bar text/icons when the navigation bar is transparent (before the user starts scrolling down. By default, this is white.

Nav BG: This is the color of the navigation bar's background when the user scrolls down. By default, this setting is white.

Nav Color Scroll: This is the color of the navigation bar text/icons when the user scrolls down and the navigation bar has a solid color background. By default, this is black.

Color Picker May Be Buggy At Times: Weebly's color picker can be buggy at times. You may need to "wiggle" the selector a few times for the editor to actually process your change. Furthermore, you may need to refresh your browser afterwards to see the change. If you continue having problems please contact us.

Please See Below to See What Each Option Changes: