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responsive themes

We develop our themes to look great on every platform, device, and product out there.

Gorgeous stylish designs

gorgeous designs

Crafted with love by industry leading designers, our Weebly themes look stunning.

Very easy to use

easy to use

Our Weebly themes are extremely easy to use and install. No coding required!

Excellent support

24/7 support

With top notch 24/7 customer support, we're here to help you build an amazing site.

designed with pixel-perfect precision

Modern weebly themes with powerful features

We design gorgeous Weebly themes for Weebly users all over the globe. We craft every theme with maximum attention to detail, ensuring perfect harmony among elements. Plus, we load up our themes with a wide variety of powerful features, letting you create truly amazing Weebly websites in a fraction of the time.

build incredible weebly sites quicker than ever before

our weebly themes are incredibly easy to use

responsive web design

responsive design

Your Weebly website will look fantastic on both desktops & mobile devices.

weebly themes

pixel-perfect design

Our designers craft theme designs with pixel-perfect precision.

modern code

powered by modern code

Our innovative OneFlow™ framework guarantees incredible results.

weebly website

extremely easy to use

No technical knowledge required! Our themes are 100% drag 'n drop.

easy to use

oneclick™ Installation

It takes just one click to install our themes into your Weebly website.

responsive web design

designed for weebly

Our themes are compatible with every single Weebly feature & plan.

the fastest & easiest way to upgrade your site

give your weebly website a Design Refresh

Gorgeous designs

gorgeous designs

Our themes are crafted by industry-leading designers.

Fast and efficient

fast & efficient

Our themes are quick to load and score well in SEO.

weebly optimized

Our premium Weebly themes are insanely fast to load.

super customizable

Customize virtually everything and establish your brand.

Alan grahame

founder of a web agency

"Honestly, I was about to abandon Weebly until I came across your themes. The Oxygen theme has made our site look so much better..."

oliver pedersen

construction firm

"Yep, Luminous is the best. Special shoutout to James for helping me out at 3am EST. The whole team went above and beyond."

kristina sokolova

restaurant owner

"One word: gorgeous!! I shared our new site and everyone is amazed. Your theme gave our establishment a fresh new identity. Very happy."

Natalia Oliver

travel blogger

"I used your themes to make websites for my clients. Your designs are amazing. My clients are happy, and so am I. Cheers from Sweden!"

we love our customers

trusted by weebly users globally

We're proud to offer lifetime 24/7 gold customer support, worldwide. Your success is our success, which is why we will do everything in our power to make sure you create a truly amazing Weebly website.

lifetime support

full support

Our team is ready to help you out with any inquiries you have.

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From installation to usability, it's a hassle-free experience.


Got questions? We've got answers.

What exactly is a Weebly theme? How are your themes different than the default Weebly themes?

A Weebly theme (also called a Weebly template) is what powers your Weebly website. It lays the design foundation for your website and controls how your website looks and feels, as well as what features it has and how it looks on mobile. It's critical to be using a good Weebly theme for your Weebly website because the Weebly theme is what sets the design for your website. It's the most important part of a Weebly website. Every Weebly website runs on a theme, and the theme controls how your Weebly website looks and feels. Changing your website theme will change how your website looks. Weebly themes style your website's content (such as text and elements), they make your website look a certain way on mobile and desktop devices, and generally set the tone of your website.

Everything you see on your website is set by the theme you're using. That's why it's critical to be using a modern theme that fits your website. While default free Weebly themes are often quite bland and feature-less, our premium Weebly themes feature responsive pixel-perfect designs, and are powered by incredibly modern code. The simple act of installing one of our Weebly themes over your Weebly website will instantly make your Weebly website look and feel significantly better. It's the quickest and easiest way of improving your Weebly website, by far.

In addition, unlike default free Weebly themes, our themes are powered by our signature OneFlow™ platform, and contain powerful optimizations + code "under the hood" to help your website rank higher in search engines such as Google.

All Luminous Themes contain code that improves the way your website content is rendered, enhancing your website's "readability" by search engines and in return giving your Weebly website a more powerful ranking in Google results, driving much more traffic to your website. Finally, these same optimizations help improve your website loading speeds and make your website quicker to load for your visitors.

Finally, that very same OneFlow™ platform we mentioned also make your Weebly website look better on mobile devices through better responsiveness.

By installing one of our themes on top of your Weebly website, you'll get a better looking, faster, and higher-performing Weebly website that looks great on all devices, from desktop to mobile.

Are your Weebly themes easy to use? Is there any coding required?

Our Weebly themes are extremely easy to use, and there is absolutely no coding or technical knowledge required. Everything is 100% drag 'n drop. If you know how to drag and drop, our themes will be a breeze to use. Plus, our themes come with easy-to-follow step-by-step text and video instructions, just to make sure it's as easy to use as possible.

Will my Weebly website and its content be transferred over onto the new theme?

Yes! Our themes are installable over existing Weebly websites. By doing this, all your existing website content (all your text, images, anything you've added to your website) will seamlessly transfer over to the the new theme. Any existing content you have will automatically be styled by the theme to look better and more modern.

Can I use your Weebly themes on more than one Weebly website?

When you go to the purchase screen for one of our themes, you'll be able to choose which license you want. Our standard license grants you the right to use the theme on one website, while our developer license gives you the right to use the theme on an unlimited number of Weebly websites, a perfect choice if you're planning on using our themes to build websites for clients.

Are your Weebly themes compatible with Weebly Blog, eCommerce, and Membership websites?

Yup! All of our premium Weebly themes are 100% compatible with every feature of Weebly, including Blogs, eCommerce, and Memberships. Once you install one of our premium Weebly themes over your existing Weebly website, 100% of your Blog, eCommerce and Membership content will transfer over to the new theme.

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