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grow your business and drive revenue with a professional website Design, built by our expert design team

Users interact with sophisticated, modern and intuitive websites on a daily basis. Our Professional Website Design package will transform the look, feel and performance of your website through a comprehensive design revamp, done by our team of professional website developers and designers. We help small businesses tell their stories in a way that generates leads, grows opportunities, and closes deals.

in-house full-stack design & dev team

Boost Website Revenue, traffic & conversions

Website Redesign by professional Designers

boost traffic and increase revenue with a professional website Design

Our website refresh program is designed to spark new life into your website and take your business to new heights. We design for engagement, with every element, space, and call-to-action placed for the ultimate impact - and to inspire users to convert.

Websites built for maximum speed and search engine performance

The websites we build are fast. Using the latest platforms, our websites are built to perform, scoring consistent "A" scores in Google PageSpeed Insights. In addition, our team optimizes all websites for search engine performance. This translates to a website that runs both runs quick and attracts satisfied users.

When given 15 minutes to consume content, 70% of people would rather read something beautifully designed than plain text

People are visually drawn to beautiful, effective websites, so it is crucial that your website is as well-designed as possible. We can help. Our team of professional award-winning designers can design your website and craft a powerhouse that drives revenue and grows your business.

Get a fresh new website design built to grow your business

If your site is not performing and bringing in new business, it is time for a full redesign. Our expertise is above and beyond the ordinary, and we work strategically, both in design and development, to create a seamless performance. Every detail is put in place to inspire response from your target audience.

Increase the credibility of your business with trust-focused design

In redesigning an existing site, we work with the science of human online behaviors so the site performs. We focus and streamline your messaging for optimum user response. The better your site performs in page loading, ease of navigation, and clear calls to action that compel the user to move in the next step, the better it is for your business.

improve the quality of your website

benefits of our website design refresh

Gorgeous New Website Design

Get a unique custom-designed website with excellent aesthetic appeal and a gorgeous user UX experience.

professionally designed

Our team of professional website designers will transform your current site with industry-leading strategies and techniques.

search engine optimization

We will optimize the readability of your existing website content by search engines, and tailor your website for best organic performance.



website performance

We will inspect and enhance the performance of your website, so that your site loads much faster and provides a better experience.

Close Communication

We create a dedicated Slack channel for all clients, letting you instantly get in touch with a member of our team.

unlimited design revisions

We offer our clients an easy-to-use website annotation tool called Pastel, letting you request unlimited design revisions.

conversions optimization

Every single detail of our website redesign strategy focuses on improving your website conversions and objectives.

Mobile Optimized

We will optimize your existing website for maximum mobile performance, from both a UI and a UX standpoint.

Website Audit

Luminous always starts from an in-depth UI and UX audit that helps us uncover your website's weak points.

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the quickest and easiest way to give your Existing website a fresh new look

Is it time to give your website a fresh new redesign?

When will you know if it's the right time to redesign your website? You'll need to take these things into consideration.

Functionality Issues

Do you need to add new website functionality or are your website's functionalities no longer working as they should? As part of this service, we conduct a full UI UX audit on your website to discover any weak points and techical issues that may be affecting performance.

outdated design

Design trends come and go. If your website had been around for some time, several of its design elements may appear dated, and it may give visitors the impression that the website hasn't been active for quite some time. A modern design is critical.

navigation & organization improvements

It may not be evident at first, but your website's navigation and structure could be hindering your visitors from assessing necessary information or performing tasks that lead to sales.

Slow Loading Website

Website visitors need to see something happen on your site in under two seconds. If not, 40% of them will leave and go to another website. Even a one-second delay can cause a 7% reduction in conversions. We will increasing the loading speeds of your site.

A redesign strategy tailored to your business and industry

Unlike other website redesign companies that only focus on the look of your company website, our web designers uniquely target your industry, your market, and your customers with precision. We've worked with businesses of all sizes throughout their website projects, from small local contractors to enterprise organizations, and have a team of in-house website designers ready to take on your next project.

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