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Every Weebly website runs on some kind of theme. A Weebly theme is the most essential part of your website: it's what controls the look of your website. It controls what your navigation bar looks like, what your fonts look like, what the structure of your website looks like, and everything else that relates to the visuals. To sum it up, it is responsible for how your website looks.

When you first create a Weebly site, you're greeted with a collection of default Weebly themes. The problem with default Weebly themes is that:

1. They look fairly basic & unattractive
2. They pretty much scream out to the world that you're using Weebly
3. They don't give you much functionality.

Our themes fix this issue. We design our themes to look very modern & professional, and up-to-date with the web. When you put our themes over your Weebly website, it will look far better than with a default Weebly theme.

Yes, but there's a catch. If your Weebly website is running on a default Weebly theme, then yes you can install one of our themes over the current website. All of the content that you dragged and dropped into your website will transfer over to the new theme, but custom code, headers, and footers won't transfer over. When you install one of our themes over your existing Weebly website, your content will transfer over but it will look a little weird, so you'll have to shuffle your content around a little bit to get the perfect look. That's mainly because our themes are structured in a more advanced way than default Weebly themes.

Now, if you want to install one of our themes over an existing third party Weebly theme (a theme you bought from someone else), things get a little tricky. Most of the time, the content won't transfer through. So if you're using a theme developed by a different developer, your content will be lost when you install our theme over it. Important: If you're planning on installing one of our themes over your existing Weebly website, we *highly* recommend that you backup your existing Weebly website by duplicating it (Weebly lets you do this in the dashboard). This is because we don't want you to lose your website content if you stumble upon a bug or glitch! Do note that we are not responsible for any content loss during installation.

Yes! Our themes are 100% compatible with all Weebly subscriptions, ranging from free to pro. Do keep in mind however that some features like video backgrounds are only available for pro accounts. This is because Weebly locks certain features to certain subscriptions (such as video headers) and we don't want to undermine their business model.

Note: For more information regarding this, please consult your product's instructions manual

Installing one of our themes is extremely easy! After you purchase a theme, you'll be taken to a download page. Simply download the file, and save it to your computer. Then, open the file, and read the instructions manual on how to install the theme. The process usually takes less than 1 minute.

After you pay for the theme, you'll immediately be taken to a screen where you can download it. You'll also get an email with the download link to download the theme.

Every few months, we publish a big major update that adds new exciting features and updates design. But whenever a glitch or bug is reported, we normally fix it and send out an update within 48 updates.

We strongly recommend that you use our themes on directly. Our themes sometimes work on third-party Weebly provider such as Hostgator and Bluehost, but due to the chance of sudden incompatibility, we cannot provide support nor guarantee compatibility for such platforms. Our themes are designed to work with only.

Due to the fact that our products are digital in nature, we don't usually offer refunds. Our products are copyrighted, and piracy is a big concern for us. Most digital vendors such as us do not offer refunds for such items. However, you are eligible for a refund if (1) there is a technical issue with the item that we cannot solve in a timely manner, and (2) the issue is reported within 10 days. If this criteria is met, then you'll be eligible for a full refund.

Your success is our success. That's why we'll do anything in our power to make things work. If you every run into anything, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to help :)

If you're getting this error, it means you uploaded the wrong file into Weebly. It's a common error and it's very easily resolved. When you upload your theme into Weebly, make sure you upload the actual theme .zip, not the entire downloaded .zip. A lot of folks just upload the entire .zip that they downloaded into Weebly, and that'll give them the error. So first open up the downloaded .zip file, and then upload the theme .zip that's located inside of the downloaded folder.

Yeah, they sure do! All of our themes come with comprehensive instructions and the newer ones come with video tutorials. And don't worry, if you're stuck, we will help you out! Simply contact us through this site and we'll help you get unstuck in no time.