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Weebly is an excellent website builder, but different businesses have different needs. If you're looking to leave Weebly and move to a different website builder, we will help you transfer your site and all its contents to a different website builder platform. Want to move but unsure of which platform to migrate to? We can help you pick the ideal website builder platform for your needs.

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Today, there are countless of powerful website builders out there, each with their own strength and weaknesses. Our team of website design professionals are very familiar with a wide range of website builder offerings. If you're seeking to leave Weebly and move to a different website builder, our team can migrate your website and all of its contents to a new platform, and teach you the fundamentals of the new platform.

website migration by professionals

a process facilitated by website professionals

Your website migration process will be facilitated by an professional website developer, with full experience in both Weebly and the platform you're transferring your website to. After the migration is complete, we can provide free lessons to your website team on how to use the new platform, minimizing the learning curve.

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frequently asked questions

why does this service require upfront payment? why can't i pay later?

Our Website Migration service requires upfront payment due to the fact that the website migration process itself requires a high initial investment, which presents risk to our company. Migrating a website requires us to make several expenditures related to the project, a risk that can only be mitigated through upfront pricing. With upfront pricing, we're able to offer full transparency and a faster service, with fewer unexpected variables.

i don't know which platform to migrate to. can you help me decide?

Yes! We have over a decade of experience working with a wide variety of website builders, and thus are able to offer you industry-leading insight into which website builder is the best for your particular business needs. Fill out the form below, and let us know that you are unsure of which platform to migrate to.

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pricing depends on amount of content

general pricing for website migration

The prices below are a general guide of the costs involved. The actual costs will vary depending on how large your website is, and which platform you're moving to. This service requires upfront payment, and you will be informed the exact transparent cost for your website's migration. There are no surprise fees or unexpected charges, we let you know of the exact price beforehand.

level 1 websites



If your website has...

Up to 10 Website Pages

No eCommerce, Membership or Blogs on your website

level 2 websites



If your website has...

Up to 15 Website Pages

eCommerce, Blogs, and Membership features.

level 3 websites



If your website has...

20 Website Pages and More

eCommerce, Blogs, and Membership features

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