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If you're having difficulties building your Weebly website, our Weebly consultation program can help. Through this service, you are connected to a certified Weebly professional through a Webex call who can help guide you through the building stages of your website.

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website design and development

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connect with a professional website expert through a call

Through this consultation program, you're connected to a professional website developer with full familiarity with our products. If you have any simple issues you're seeking to fix, such as a small technical issues fixable within one hour, we can help fix this in the session. For larger more complex projects, we can set up deliverables for you with a fully transparent upfront project-based pricing model.

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we will help you accomplish all your website objectives

For larger more complex projects, we can set up deliverables to help you to help you achieve your website goals and objectives. Whether its webpage creation, theme design changes, or even moving your website to a different platform, we will take care of it all.

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more information about consultations by luminous

what is the pricing structure like for consultations by luminous?

Our Consultations by Luminous program charges $75 per hour-long call session, or $50 for email-only based communication. All calls afterwards are charged at the same rate as well. If you're seeking to partner with us on a design project, we typically follow a 25/75 approach where 25% of the charge is billed upfront prior to initiation of work, and 75% of the charge is billed at the end of the project.

what is the scope of these services? what can you help with?

Consultations by Luminous is a very flexible service. If you're seeking help with small technical issues/fixes (defined as fixable within one hour), we can help fix these on the spot. For larger projects (such as, but not limited to, website development, theme customization, website migration), a set of deliverables will be created with fixed upfront pricing.

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common areas we've assisted others with

theme customization

Whether it's a minor change or a major stylistic theme overhaul, we can help tailor your website theme to your requirements.

website development

Our team of professional website developers can build you an incredible website that you can later customize yourself.

website consultations

If you have a certain goal for your website in mind, but are unsure of how to achieve it, we can help identify solutions.



website performance

We'll help you with efforts to improve your website performance, such as boosting SEO or decreasing loading times.

third-party integrations

Our website professionals have had years of experience with third-party integrations and leveraging them to solve problems.

technical issues

If you're facing technical issues, we can help alleviate these as well. We can diagnose and implement fixes as needed.

platform migrations

We can help you move your website between various website building platforms, and suggest the best options.

tutorials and advice

If you're planning on building the website yourself, but need a helping hand to turn to, we would be more than happy to help.

website refresh

Looking to improve your website design? Our developers and designers can refresh your website to make it look fresher.

real-time support on a hourly-rate

book a one-hour call with a certified weebly and website professional

getting started

To get started, click on the link to the right to book a call with us. You'll be taken to a separate booking page where you can purchase the hour-long package and schedule your session with us. All of our website professionals are located within the United States and thus adhere to the local timezone.

communication mediums

You can either schedule a one hour WebEx video call session or a one hour email correspondence session, determined by one working hour.

scheduling conflicts for call

If none of the listed times on the bookings page work for you, no worries! Simply contact us and tell us your ideal time, and we'll do everything we can to make it work. Alternatively, you can schedule an email text-based correspondence instead which does not require scheduling.

book a one hour WebEx call session (video call)


connect with a website professional via live webex call

one hour video call
This package connects you to a certified website and Weebly professional who can help you through a Webex call.

one hour communication session via email


connect with a website professional via email

one hour email correspondence
This package covers one hour of email correspondence with a certified pro. Timing based on one working hour.