the quickest and easiest way to give your website a refresh

professional installation of a Premium Weebly Theme over your existing weebly website in 48 hours

Do you have an existing Weebly website with lots of content? Worried about content loss? With our professional installation service, one of our website developers will manually install the premium Weebly theme of your choosing over your existing Weebly website. We will make sure that no content is lost, we'll optimize the website for the theme, and we'll even do a website checkup to make sure everything works.

Professional Weebly Theme Installation

installation with no issues or loss

website checkup included

professional theme installation

get a fresh new website look without any effort required!

Want a brand new refreshed website without having to do the work? Our professional theme installation service lets you achieve just this by having a professional developer install the premium Weebly theme of your choosing onto any current Weebly website. The professional installation ensures that no content loss occurs, and that the website doesn't run into any bugs with the theme.

no content loss

premium theme Installation on any current weebly website

If you have a large Weebly website with lots of content, content loss can be a big concern. This service ensures that your Weebly website is updated with a premium Weebly theme with zero impact to your existing website content. It's the easiest way to refresh your Weebly website design.

we're here to help you

the quickest and easiest way to give your weebly website a fresh new look

how does this program work?

After you purchase this package, you'll be given a form to fill out, asking you a few basic questions. You'll also be asked to send us an editor invite to your Weebly website, via the included instructions. After we receive the invite, one of our developers will install the requested Weebly theme over your current Weebly website, and run a post-installation website checkup to ensure that everything works as requested. We'll ensure that all your existing content transfers successfully.

do you work with any weebly website?

Yes! Whether you're currently using a free or third-party Weebly theme, we can install any of our premium Weebly themes onto your Weebly website. We will examine the theme structure of your existing Weebly website, and if required, make adjustments to our premium Weebly theme to better accommodate your website content. Our professional developers will make sure that the theme is applied successfully, and we'll do a website checkup to be extra sure of no bugs or hidden issues that may impact performance.

improve the quality of your website

benefits of professional installation

zero work required

By purchasing this service, you can sit back and relax while a professional installs a fresh new theme over your Weebly website.

content guarantee

Never worry about content loss! Our team will make sure that the premium theme is applied without any loss of content.

website checkup

We'll run a post-install checkup on your website to make sure that everything is running flawlessly and efficiently.



optimization of content

If we run into roadblocks between your content and the new theme, we'll optimize everything for maximum perfection.

fresh new design

A beautiful new premium website theme, installed by a professional in 48 hours. It's the fastest way to boost your site design.

ready to go in 48 hours

Your website will be ready to go with a beautiful new theme design in just 48 hours after purchasing this service.

a fresh new theme installed within 48 hours

ready? get started by purchasing the professional theme installation package ($89)

first, make sure you have purchased the premium weebly theme you want us to install.

Prior to purchasing this service, please purchase a premium Weebly theme from our premium Weebly theme collection. You don't have to do anything with it, but make sure you have purchased the license. After you purchase it, you can purchase this service and we will install the premium Weebly theme onto your Weebly website.

how the process works

After purchasing the package on the right, you'll be given a link to a brief online form. Fill out this form, and specify which theme you'd like us to install (you need to have purchased this theme beforehand). You'll also be asked to grant us temporary editor permissions to your Weebly website, with instructions included.
After doing so, one of our developer's will install the theme over your website and make sure everything runs smoothly within 48 business hours of purchase. You'll be contacted via email when the process is complete!

professional Theme installation


Make sure to have purchased a premium Weebly theme from us before purchasing this service.

professional theme install
A professional developer will install the premium Weebly theme over your existing Weebly website and make sure the installation is successful with no content loss or bugs.

post-install website checkup
After the installation is complete, we will run a full checkup on your Weebly website to make sure that all the content transferred successfully and everything is running as it should.