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How to Design a Truly Gorgeous Weebly Website

Designing a gorgeous website is often easier said than done. Sure, you can have a functional website, but whether or not it looks good is a key factor in the performance of your business. You see, we humans are visual creatures. Visual elements can play a significant role in subconsciously determining what next action we should take. Corporations take this into account when styling their branding, and often implement specific techniques to garner more attention from their market.

This is why having a well-designed website is critical. The first impression received by your visitors is, more often than not, your website. And we all know that the saying "first impression matters most" holds true. In this post, I will be going over four essential design tips you should keep in mind when creating a website.

Create a Color Scheme for Your Website (and Brand)

Starbucks does a very good job with implementing their branding on their website

Colors are very powerful in marketing, and if you don't have a color scheme in mind already, you should definitely create one. Colors represent the core visual attribute of a brand, which is why it's important for you to establish a concrete color scheme.

Making a color scheme can be quite difficult, however, especially if you're a novice in the field of web design. I personally love to use a tool called Coolors for creating a scheme set. Coolors makes it super easy to generate quick color schemes, which you can then through throughout your website, marketing emails...etc. This is the first step in creating a powerful brand.

Our Weebly themes are extremely customizable, so once you establish a color scheme for your website, you can apply it to your entire Weebly website. It will look 10x more professional right off the bat.

Implement Gorgeous, High-Resolution Photography is an amazing resource for finding beautiful, royalty-free photography

Another critical aspect of designing a professional website is to use aesthetic, high-resolution photographs. Every image on your website should be non-blurry and crystal clear. However, such high quality stock images that are royalty-free (meaning you can use them for commercial purposes) are typically quite expensive. But this is where comes in.

Unsplash is one of my favorite web design resources. Quite simply, it's the worlds largest collection of gorgeous, extreme-resolution stock photos that you can download and use for free, even for commercial purposes. It's truly a game changer, and it's guaranteed to make your websites look much, much better and more professional.

A word of caution, however: their images are sometimes huge in file size (we're talking >10MB). That's because their quality and resolution are out of this world. But if you're planning to use such large images, I'd highly recommend you use an online tool like pizresize to resize the images and make 'em smaller. A safe bet is to resize images to a file size of below 2MB (although with the introduction of 5G internet speeds in North America and Asia, this may soon be irrelevant).

Use Precision Throughout Your Work

BeFunky makes it easy to crop pictures to perfection

A common issue I find in many Weebly websites is the lack of precision among elements. When you're designing your website, you want there to be a constant, stable flow among elements. But often times I'll see websites with misaligned images of different aspect ratios.

For example, let's say you're creating a grid of images. You naturally throw in some "image" elements in Weebly, and then upload your own images. But if your images do not all share the same aspect ratio, then things can get a little messy. Having images of the same aspect ratio can be key in conveying a sense of professionalism in your website.

BeFunky is a great online tool to use for cropping images, with an easy to use user interface and powerful controls.

This also applies to text. You want to maintain a constant font choice and contant font sizing throughout your website. For example, if one paragraph section has 12px font, you'll want all other paragraphs to have the same 12px font. With headers, you get more leeway because you can use H2 or H4 headers, but make sure which ever route you take is consistent.

Create Call to Action Blocks

An example of a call to action block

Call to action blocks are essentially just sections of your website where you add a stimulus to attract action from your visitor or potential client. Using call to action blocks can be very beneficial in increasing your conversation rate and boosting sales, particularly when they're aimed at a specific type of visitor.

You can effortlessly add call to action blocks by using Weebly Sections, or the color text box from the Weebly app store. In a future tutorial, I'll go over how to most effectively design a call to action block.

So there you have it. Four tips that will hopefully help you in your efforts to create a beautiful Weebly website. If you have any questions about this stuff, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to ya as soon as possible.

Happy designing!

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Monday, May 27, 2019


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