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Weebly Running Slow? Here's How to Speed it Up.

Weebly is a great website builder and it's one of the easiest (and most intuitive) ones out there. Unfortunately, things can slow down, and when they do, it's a frustrating experience to say the least. Dealing with a slow and unresponsive Weebly editor when you're on a deadline to publish a website is a nightmare.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to significantly improve the speed and responsiveness of the Weebly editor. I would recommend going through these step by step to identify the culprit and solve the issue once and for all. Afterwards, you should see a very nice increase in performance and speeds.

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Go Easy On the Weebly Apps

One of the best things about Weebly is the fact that it lets you use apps from the Weebly app store. This expands the functionality of your website tremendously.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that Weebly users often go a little bit overboard with these apps, and install far too many of them onto their websites. It's hard to overstate the degree to which this common mistake slows down a site. Some Weebly apps are quite heavy and having too many of them will cause the Weebly editor to freak out. That's when you get random freezes, infinite loading times, and frustration.

Obviously there will be apps that are essential to your business. Those you should keep. But I'd recommend going through your apps list and uninstalling those that you might not really need. For example, many of our premium Weebly themes we sell come with built-in header slideshows such as the PureSlider feature in Oxygen. So if you switch to our Oxygen theme, then you'll want to uninstall any apps that let you add slideshows to your site. This will speed up your editor experience.

This is a very common issue I see with Weebly sites. It's best to go as light as possible on the apps, because you never know how they'll affect both your editor experience and loading speeds for your site.

Clear Browser Cache and Data + Use Incognito Mode

Your computer likes to retain onto certain bits of information as you use Weebly, and sometimes this can cause unexpected issues to arise. If your Weebly editor is acting slow and buggy, it is critical to try clearing your browser cache. This step gets rid of the majority of issues.

To figure out how to clear your cache, Google the name of your browser and how to clear its cache.

Furthermore, the Weebly editor tends to run quicker when you're in incognito mode. This is a valuable tip to keep in mind when you're trying to figure out why your editor is being so sluggish.

Make Sure You're Using the Right Browser When Editing in Weebly

As we covered in our earlier blog post, it's essential to use the right browser when editing with Weebly. Using a browser that's out of date can be a torturous experience. We would recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for editing your Weebly website. We've seen issues arise when users use other browsers such as Safari or Edge to edit their websites, and that's why I recommend sticking to Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you don't know which internet browser you're currently using, click here to find out.

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Beware of Large Images

This is another common issue I see in many Weebly websites, and it has the potential to seriously slow down your Weebly editor. Make sure you're not accidentally uploading images with large file sizes. It's best to keep the images on your site as light on size as possible. Having a series of images larger than 1MB each can really slow down both your editing experience and your live website.

If you're stuck working with large images, you should optimize them before uploading them to Weebly. This means either compressing them with an online tool like PicResize, or reducing the resolution of the image.

It's also worth mentioning that having images that are too large won't just hurt your editor experience. It'll also hurt your search engine optimization. Google punishes websites with long loading speeds, which is why its critical to keep your site as slim as possible. Quicker loading speeds = higher search engine rankings. Not to mention you'll have a happier website audience.

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Cut Down on the Number of Pages on Your Site

While this is not an issue for most sites, it's still worth mentioning. If your site has a gazillion pages, it's going to slow down your editor quite a bit. Websites with 20 or more pages will see a significant reduction in the speed and snappiness of the Weebly editor.

Be Wary of Custom Code

We go to great lengths in optimizing our premium Weebly themes for maximum efficiency and performance. Our themes are designed to work as smoothly as possible within the Weebly editor and we use special techniques in ensuring that our themes load websites quickly, even under pressure. We also regularly issue updates to improve performance.

Unfortunately, there are some other third-party Weebly themes out there that aren't as optimized, and some feature bloated code. This can significantly impact the loading speeds of your website and introduce issues.

Hopefully this helped you speed up your Weebly editor. Let us know what worked for you down in the comments!

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Thursday, October 28, 2021




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