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Browse Weebly Themes

Use Promo Code LUMINBLOG to get 50% off your order. Sale ends soon!

 boost your weebly website's design, seo, and performance with our premium weebly themes
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Our Website Design Refresh Package Will Give Your Weebly Website a Fresh New Identity, Crafted by a Professional Website Designer

Our Website Design Refresh Package for Weebly websites is our most popular custom service offering at Luminous Themes. Through this program, we've helped hundreds of businesses earn more revenue from their websites by improving the look and feel of their Weebly websites.

Given 15 minutes to consume content, 70% of people would rather read something beautifully designed than plain text. People are visually drawn to beautiful, effective websites, so it is crucial that you invest in the design of your website.

Our Website Design Refresh Package is ideal for businesses who have an existing Weebly website that they'd like to update or improve the design of. Through this program, a professional designer at Luminous will give your Weebly website a fresh new makeover with a gorgeous new design guaranteed to improve your website traffic, sales, and goals.

More specifically, the program entails the following:

  • Installation of a Premium Weebly Theme - We develop high-end premium Weebly themes with features and designs that are not found in regular free Weebly themes. We will install one of these themes over your existing Weebly website, and make proper adjustments to ensure a "perfect fit." Better yet, the price of the Weebly theme is included in the overall service charge.
  • Comprehensive Design Refresh - After the Weebly theme has been installed, we will go through your website and update the styling of all your website content in adherence with best web design practices.
  • 5 Revisions Per Page - After the design refresh has been complete, we offer five website design revisions per page, to make sure you get the perfect website look and feel.
  • Mobile Optimization - We'll make sure your Weebly website looks great across all devices.
  • Content-Based Search Engine Optimization - Over 70% of your website traffic comes from organic search. We will optimize your existing website content for best Search Engine Optimization, to drive in more traffic.

When we redesign your website, our primary goal is to improve your bottom line. Your site will gain more traffic, drive more leads, and ultimately increase your revenue. This program is fantastic for small businesses because it gives website's a professional design refresh without having to spend thousands of dollars on a professional website designer.

Affordable & Transparent Billing Practices - No Billing Surprises!

We're committed to transparent and affordable billing practices. Traditional hourly billing methods have always been difficult for small businesses because of issues with forecasting total project costs, and the potential for billing surprises leading to an unfinished project.

At Luminous Agency, we follow a transparent and upfront model. Prior to starting the project, you'll receive a 100% accurate upfront quote. No billing surprises, and no hurdles.

How The Process Works

Interested in this service? Great! We can't wait to work with you and your business. Here's what the process looks like: 

  1. Contact us for a quote - Send us your Weebly website URL and we'll give you the full service quote. You'll be connected to a Luminous project manager who will be your point-of-contact going forward.
  2. Purchase the package - Once you're satisfied with the details of this service, you'll receive a secure payment link which will be used to purchase the package.
  3. Send us an invite to your website - Through Weebly's "invite an editor" function, a professional website designer will login and begin implementing the design refresh. You can see the progress in live time, and you'll receive updates from our team as well.
  4. Once the service is finished, take a look at your new beautiful Weebly website - We'll let you know when the service has finished. You can review your new website design prior to having it published for the world to enjoy, and if you notice any changes you'd like us to make, we offer five revisions to each page, free of charge.

Modern premium weebly website templates for your website

Trusted by over 30,000+ Weebly users, our premium Weebly themes and templates feature beautiful responsive designs and a powerful combination of features. Our themes are extremely easy to use and install into Weebly with just one click. Purchasing a premium Weebly theme is the fastest and easiest way to improve your Weebly website. Backed by 24/7 gold customer support.

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