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Weebly's Default Parallax Scrolling Does Not Work on Mobile Devices

If you've tried adding parallax backgrounds to your Weebly sections, you may have noticed that they don't work on mobile devices. Instead, on mobile devices, you're greeted with a static image rather than a nice smooth parallax scrolling effect.

However, the solution is fast and simple.

By default, Weebly's background parallax scrolling has two flaws: 

First, it's not "true" parallax. Weebly's background parallax effect is simply a fixed background image, whereas in "true" parallax, the background is supposed to scroll at a slower pace than the rest of the website, creating an illusion of depth and 3D.

Second, Weebly's parallax background effect does not work on any mobile device. For mobile users, it simply shows up as a static blurred image. Not exactly appealing.

This is a big deal, especially when you consider that up to 70% of visitors come from mobile.

However, we've created a solution for this problem.

How to Add Responsive Parallax Background Scrolling to Your Weebly Website

Thankfully, there is an easy solution.

Our Premium Weebly Themes feature beautiful modern responsive designs and a wide variety of powerful features that allow you to create incredible Weebly websites in the quickest and easiest way.

All of our premium Weebly themes come with an incredible featured called TrueParallax.

TrueParallax lets you create sections on your Weebly website with true depth parallax scrolling backgrounds. You can drag and drop anything you want into these sections, and your parallax backgrounds will add a layer of immersion to your website.

Even better, our TrueParallax feature in our themes works flawlessly on mobile devices. We use proprietary technology to bring parallax effects to both your desktop and mobile users.

Our themes are extremely simple to use. No technical knowledge is required and each theme comes with step-by-step directions. In fact, our premium Weebly themes are often easier to use than default Weebly themes.

The installation process for installing our Weebly themes to your Weebly website is very simple and takes under a minute. All your content can be carried over to our theme, without you having to go in and re-create everything. This includes your pages and added elements.

TrueParallax isn't the only feature present in our themes. Our themes are loaded with incredible features that will transform your Weebly website into an incredible powerful website that looks great and performs flawlessly. This includes features such as PureSlider (fullscreen responsive swipe-enabled header slideshows), ScrolliPage (vertical navigation for your website), and more!

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Thursday, September 30, 2021


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