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Browse Weebly Themes

Use Promo Code LUMINBLOG to get 50% off your order. Sale ends soon!

 boost your weebly website's design, seo, and performance with our premium weebly themes
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Our Weebly Themes Will Give Your Website an Incredible Boost

Over half of the world is online. eCommerce is a multi-billion dollar titan, raking in some insane levels of cashflow. The world is quickly digitizing, and with the advent of 5G speeds, its more imperative now than ever before to have a good website. Problem is, default Weebly themes lack the design and feature needed to create a truly "great" Weebly website. This is where our premium Weebly themes step in. Here are five things that our themes will help you achieve.

1. A gorgeous, better-looking website with a responsive design

Our Weebly themes are crafted by industry-leading designers, while incorporating the latest in web design trends. We focus on perfecting the UI/UX experience, and we do this by using proven methodologies when designing our themes. Simply put, our themes are absolutely gorgeous and they'll make any Weebly website look much better. Why does a good looking website matter? A good site brings trust to your customers. It encourages them to make a transaction, or sign a pledge, or whatever your main goal is. A well-designed website will increase your conversions rate, and bring about greater sales. This is what our themes will help you accomplish.

2. Stronger and more powerful brand identity

Here's another limitation that default "free" Weebly themes have. They simply don't give you much customization options. Sure, you can change the color of your header text and add a nice picture or two, but if you want to properly brand your website, you need a lot more styling options than that. Our themes come with a comprehensive suite of in-editor controls that we call YouBrand™. We allow users to customize virtually every single element and its styling straight from the editor. No looking at complex CSS needed. You can change button colors, element sizing, and much more straight from the user-friendly editor. It's a seamless approach to instilling your brand, which we all know is critical.

3. Much better SEO performance

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it determines your website's search ranking. That is, the rank your website enjoys in the search results pages when someone types a keyword (or a series of keywords) relating to your website. This is critical, because the better your SEO, the better your ranking, and therefore the more people visit your site. This is why it's absolutely essential to have good SEO. Luckily for you, we've made this super simple for you because all of our themes have aspects to them that will improve your SEO. For example, we test all of our themes to exceed all Google's mobile responsiveness validation criteria. This simply means that Google will like your site because its code is well-built. Unlike other themes, we make sure our themes are properly responsive. Furthermore, our themes contain code that makes them more likable among search engines and their algorithms, which definitely shows in real-world applications.

4. Greater customer trust (and therefore higher conversions which means more $$$)

Let's be real. Weebly's default themes are lacking in, well, a lot of areas. They're very generic, and they make it pretty easy to tell that a website was built in Weebly. Such generic designs instill caution and worry in customers, which to say the least isn't exactly beneficial. This is where our themes come in. Our themes are built with style and branding in mind. Our extensive branding suite lets you create a website that truly mirrors your business. You'll get a website akin to Fortune 500 companies. And as you may have guessed, a professional website goes a long way in instilling confidence in your customers. Our case studies have proven that our themes can boost revenue and conversions rate.

5. A more seamless development experience

Here's what's even cooler. I've already mentioned how our themes look better, feel better, and perform better than generic Weebly themes. But did you know that they're also easier to use than generic Weebly themes? That's right--you can actually cut development time in half by using our themes! Not only do we give you unlimited customization options straight from the editor (i.e no more looking at messy CSS code to change those darn navigation colors), but we also offer features such as StylePages that make it extremely easy to built professionally-built webpages in seconds using templates.

We started our business because we wanted to offer Weebly users like you a wider variety of designs to choose from. We ourselves were tired of the generic Weebly themes, which were plain and had little style. Today, we're among the biggest developers of Weebly themes, and we're growing bigger every day. Get started with a Weebly theme today!

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Trusted by over 30,000+ Weebly users, our premium Weebly themes and templates feature beautiful responsive designs and a powerful combination of features. Our themes are extremely easy to use and install into Weebly with just one click. Purchasing a premium Weebly theme is the fastest and easiest way to improve your Weebly website. Backed by 24/7 gold customer support.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019


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