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 boost your weebly website's design, seo, and performance with our premium weebly themes
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All of Our Themes Come With a Powerful Built-In Header Slider called PureSlider

In this feature spotlight, we'll go over the powerful PureSlider header slider that's present in all of our premium Weebly themes.

PureSlider is a very powerful header slider solution that goes far beyond what was previously offered in Weebly. If you're seeking to incorporate a gorgeous header slideshow on your website, then PureSlider is the ideal solution for you.

What is PureSlider? 

In the past, Weebly did not offer any solid solutions for responsive header slideshows. Such carousels are a major component of many websites, so we set off to create our own signature product and we named it PureSlider.

PureSlider is a feature present in all of our premium Weebly themes that allows you to create gorgeous, responsive mobile-friendly header slideshows for your website.

But it's no ordinary header slider. We'll go over the benefits of PureSlider, and why it's so special.

PureSlider Runs on Powerful Hardware Accelerated Code

Traditionally, header slideshows have often been slow and laggy. The Javascript required to power such elements often requires the browser to work extra hard.

However, PureSlider is different. PureSlider runs on advanced, hardware accelerated clean code, using the latest technologies to leverage performance outside of the browser.

What does this mean? It means PureSlider runs fast, with lag-free performance, on any device. No stuttering, no bugs, and no website slowdowns.

In an era when customers expect quick-loading and smooth websites, PureSliders agile performance is a massive benefit.

PureSlider is Swipe-Enabled and 100% Mobile Responsive

Another issue that traditionally had plagued header slideshow elements in the past was the lack of mobile-friendliness.

In today's mobile-centric world, you can expect 60% of your website visitors to visit your site through their mobile devices. Therefore, it is imperative that your website looks as good on mobile devices as possible.

We crafted PureSlider to be 100% optimized for any device, including all mobile phones. PureSlider automatically handles image resizing and optimization on smaller screens, so your content will look great on any device.

Furthermore, PureSlider uses new tech to natively support swipe-based controls.

On mobile devices, users are accustomed to interacting with swipes and gestures rather than clicking on small controls.

That's why we added swipe functionality to the PureSlider. Your users can simply swipe with a flick of their finger, and the slides will slide accordingly. It's a smooth 100% linear response too, with absolutely no lag and stuttering.

The end result is a website slider that looks, feels, and performs like a native app, ensuring a smooth experience for the end user.

PureSlider Supports Content Drag 'n Drop

Header slideshows are a very versatile solution to fit big, important content in a space-efficient format.

That's why with PureSlider, after you add your own background images, you can seamlessly drag and drop any element or app from the Weebly sidebar into your slides.

You can have text on one slide, perhaps a contact form on the other, and maybe a video element on the third.

This flexibility lets you create websites that cater to your needs as a business or organization, ensuring a smooth experience for your customers.

PureSlider is Extremely Easy to Use and Set Up

Like with all of our other features, PureSlider is extremely easy to use and set up.

PureSlider is 100% drag and drop.

No code or technical knowledge is required to use PureSlider. It takes about five seconds to set up, and a few more to add your content.

In fact, building with PureSlider is often faster and easier than using built-in Weebly apps!

Adding slides, changing slider content, all of this is seamless and easy to do.

PureSlider is Included in Every Premium Weebly Theme We Sell for No Added Charge

All of the premium Weebly themes we sell include PureSlider. For no additional charge.

We're on a mission to empower Weebly users to be able to create websites that rival multi-thousand dollar agency-created sites, and PureSlider is one step forward in this objective.

If you have any questions about PureSlider or our themes in general, please don't hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can drop a comment down below and we'll answer as soon as possible.

Happy designing!

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Monday, June 28, 2021


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