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Creating the Ultimate Weebly Website

Anybody can build a Weebly website. But not everyone can build a well-designed Weebly website.

While Weebly's website builder makes website building easy, the design of the website is still up to you. 

How you structure content, layouts, and arrange blocks can make a big difference in your website quality.

This is part 1 of our Weebly Design Series, where we go over strategies and tools you can use to greatly enhance the quality of your website.

Use More Whitespace

A mistake many beginners in web design make is putting elements too close to each other.

While this may seem like a good idea to use up less space, in reality it is a huge detriment to the quality of your website.

Website content needs lots of breathing room. I haven't really seen any website use too much whitespace. But regularly I come across websites with very little to no padding between elements.

A fantastic tool for adding whitespace to your Weebly website is the spacer tool. You can drag and drop the spacer block anywhere in your website content to add padding and give your website content some more whitespace.

Optimize Your Images

When it comes to adding images to your Weebly website, there's a bit of a "goldilocks zone." 

Images can't be too large because that will sacrifice your website loading speeds. At the same time, they can't be too low-res because that'll make them look blurry and low quality, especially for mobile visitors.

When it comes to website loading speeds, the most important metric is the total weight of all the assets on a website.

Meaning, it's not just one image that affects loading speeds, it's all of them combined. And, like many of you may know, loading speeds of webpages is a critical factor in determining how well your website ranks in search engines.

The golden rule of thumb for most websites is to use images that are less than 1.5 MB in total size, but with a sufficient resolution so that your website still looks good on higher resolution devices.

Don't Go Crazy With Fonts

Some website owners like to use a bunch of different fonts on their website.

In reality, this ruins the cohesiveness of your brand.

Instead, make one or two font styles your main fonts. And--apply the text of other content blocks to one of those fonts.

Set Your Logo to the Size You Desire, and then make it 20% smaller.

There's an interesting anomaly when it comes to logo size. A lot of website owners like to make their logos absolutely huge--way bigger than they need to be. Big logos are good because it helps establish your brand identity, but many website owners take it a little bit too far.

Your user didn't just come to your website to look at your logo. They came to interact with your website. And often, a large logo (especially in a sticky navigation bar) will simply cause its container to take up way too much screen real estate, and hamper your website's browsing experience.

Trust us on this--set your logo to the size you want it to be, and then make it 20% smaller (unless you're already an experienced website designer in which case we trust your judgement).

Stay tuned for part 2 of this design series.

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Monday, April 4, 2022


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