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Which Image Sizes Should I Use for Weebly?

Images are an integral component in creating a well-designed website. Gorgeous imagery is an easy way to really spice up your website and make something ordinary look incredible. They're also essential if you're planning on selling products online. You could have the best product in the market, but without proper imagery, your sales will suffer.

Weebly also tends to be fairly picky with which images it accepts, and might slow down if you attempt to upload dozens of massive images.

But don't worry--in this blog post, we'll break down which image sizes you should be using.

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Not Too Big, Not Too Small

There's a bit of a "Goldilocks" zone when it comes to uploading images. You see, you want the images to be high resolution and large enough to have good quality. Few things are worse than a website with blurry, low-res images. But at the same time, if your images are too large, your loading speeds will suffer immensely.

If you want numbers, here they are: for the header sections of websites, we recommend uploading images that are at least 1920 x 1080 but preferably greater. The background images in the header sections of websites are extremely important because often times its the first impression that your viewer experiences. And as we've all been told, first impressions matter most. This is especially true with web design.

That being said, while we urge you to use high resolution non-blurry images for your header section, make sure you keep the file size below 2MB. This ensures quick loading times, particularly for mobile users.

So we got header images out of the way. What about images in the body of your site? For these, we recommend using image resolutions of at least 1500 x 500 (depending on what you want to do with them), but you'll want to keep them below 1.5MB in size each.

You should also analyze the number of images you're planning on uploading on your site. If you're uploading a few pictures here and there, you can upload some fairly large ones, perhaps 2MB or so. BUT if you've got something of an image portfolio situation going on (or a site that just simply has lots and lots of pictures, such as a real estate site), you'll want to ensure that while your images are high quality, they don't exceed 1MB each.

Remember--image sizes are cumulative. You can have a website with 10 0.5MB images per page, which ends up being 5MB of images per page. That's about average. However--if you have 100 images that are 0.5MB each, that's 50MB of images being loaded up on your site, and it'll make your loading speeds suffer considerably.

If you have a lot of images you'd like to use, and you want to use the highest definition possible, we recommend splitting up these images across multiple webpages so that the user's device doesn't have to load everything at once.

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I Have High Resolution Images But Their File Sizes are Too Large. What Do I Do?

Here's a dilemma! Let's say you've got images that are gorgeous, colorful and stunning. BUT they're h u g e. We're talking 5MB per image or more. What do you do?

You've got two options: resize or compress. Resizing is what it sounds like--you resize the image. So if you have an image that's 6000 x 6000, you can resize it to something more manageable like 2000 x 2000. File size will drop considerably without affecting image quality.

But what if you have a large image that is already a moderate resolution like 2000x2000? Resizing it to a smaller resolution will be detrimental to the image quality, especially nowadays with our 4K smartphone screens and computer monitors. A smaller resolution will look blurry. What do you do?

It's simple--compress them. Compressing an image will make the file size much smaller, without affecting the resolution. The quality of the image may deteriorate a little bit, but nothing too significant unless you go nuts on the compression.

How Do I Resize or Compress Images?

There are actually a lot of easy to use online tools that let you do exactly that! One of our favorites is PicResize. PicResize lets you resize and compress images for free online, and it's super quick to use. In fact, we use it ourselves!

More Advantages of Image Optimization

Image optimization is the act of optimizing your images in any way, shape, or form. You see, most Weebly users just upload images without thinking about size or loading speeds. Unfortunately, their websites end up being slow and sluggish (not to mention a pain to edit!).

That's why we recommend optimizing your images by compressing or resizing them if their file sizes are too large. Not only will your users enjoy faster loading speeds, but your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will see a big boost as well! You'll enjoy higher rankings in Google, along with a much happier visitor base. Oh, and editing your site in Weebly will be a lot easier as well!

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