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What is the Best Computer for Using Website Builders such as Weebly?

These days, online web apps like Weebly are everywhere. Instead of downloading software, applications are increasingly being deployed to online environments, and users can use them through their browsers instead of downloading dedicated files.

Despite being run in the browser, website builders such as Weebly still rely on your computer performance. If you edit a Weebly website on a slow device, the experience can be painstakingly difficult. Faster systems let browsers use more performance, and help provide a smoother experience.

As Weebly theme developers, we use Weebly on a daily basis, on all sorts of different devices.

If you were to ask us two years ago what the best computer for editing Weebly websites was, we'd give you a vague answer, saying that all systems have their pro and cons.

However, believe it or not, in the last two years, personal computers have underwent a technological revolution.

As a result of this revolution, the answer today on which computer is best for using Weebly (and other website applications) is painstakingly clear.

The Best Choice Is Clear Today

The best computer for editing Weebly websites and using website applications in general is any Apple computer with an M1 chip.

The M1 chip is an incredible innovation. It is present in the latest versions of the Apple MacBooks, the Apple iMac, and the Apple Mini.

The M1 chip has completely redesigned architecture, very different from other computer processors. These innovations allow it to run website applications like Weebly extremely quickly, while maintaining incredible smoothness.

In fact, we've transitioned our entire team to using M1 Apple MacBooks when designing in Weebly because it's just so much faster.

The M1 chip particularly excels in online applications such as Weebly. On other devices, when editing large Weebly websites, the computer would get warm and slow, making the entire editing experience quite difficult.

Not the M1. The M1 chip in Apple devices remains extremely cool and fast as lightning.

There is no other computer on the market that gets even close to the website application performance of an M1-equipped Apple computer. We're not getting a single dime from Apple to say this.

If you're looking for a technical explanation as to why the M1 chips handle Weebly and other website editors so well, it's because they use ARM-based architecture. This results in significantly faster runtime for in-browser applications.

If you're in the market for a new computer and use Weebly on a daily basis, we're seriously urging you to consider an M1-equipped Apple computer. The performance gains are incredible.

An important thing to note is that Apple has begun equipping its iPad Pro lineup with M1 chips as well. Do not buy an iPad for using Weebly, we've tried and the fact is Weebly's interface simply is not optimized for iPad devices. You'll need to stick with Apple's MacOS computers.

If you're on a budget, the new Mac Mini is an excellent choice, as it comes with an M1 chip for a very affordable price.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021




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