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What's the Best Website Browser for Weebly?

We get asked this question very often, and it's an important one. The website browser you use can easily make or break your website development experience. And when your website development experience suffers, so does your productivity. Using the wrong browser can ultimately be detrimental to your business productivity, since you'll have to expend energy fighting bugs in the editor.

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We've been in business since 2015, so we know pretty much all the ins and outs of Weebly. We've had to test our products across virtually every browser in existence too, so we've got a solid amount of experience with answering this question. Some web browsers do a terrific job with Weebly, and others do an awful job. It's even more important to use the correct browser when you're using our themes, since our code is more advanced than the standard Weebly templates.

#1 Winner: Google Chrome (Both Mac and Windows) 

Google Chrome is by far the best browser for Weebly. From our testing, it had the least amount of bugs and issues within Weebly. It tends to be among the fastest website browsers as well. Plus, Google's auto-updates make staying updated seamless since the browser updates itself discretely. No action on your part. This is critical because security patches get sent out very regularly, and using Google Chrome guarantees your security.

#2 Second Place: Mozilla Firefox (Both Mac and Windows)

If you're looking for an alternative to Chrome, Firefox is your best bet. Mozilla did an excellent job on this browser, especially with regards to the last few updates. Firefox works very well with Weebly and has had no issues from our testings. It's not quite as feature-complete as Chrome, but it gets the job done.

Not Recommended: Safari (Mac)

Safari is a great browser and it comes default on every Apple device. But when it comes to Weebly, Safari lacks the seamlessness and fluidity that Chrome and Firefox provide. Our testings with the recent versions of Safari revealed significant issues when it comes to bugs and slow loading times. Safari often would not be able to handle the high level of processing power that Weebly demands, and gave up. Things were buggy and fragmented, with quite a few frustrations. Stuff that can seriously hamper your productivity.

Strongly Not Recommended: Internet Explorer (Windows)

If you're using internet explorer, please download Chrome immediately. Internet Explorer has severe critical security bugs, and even the most recent version cannot handle Weebly's user interface. Everything will be slow, and you won't be able to get much done.

So there you have it. We definitely recommend using Google Chrome for editing in Weebly, but Firefox does the job too. Safari and Internet Explorer are best to be avoided when it comes to editing your site in Weebly. There are obviously hundreds of website browsers out there that we didn't go over, such as Opera, Microsoft Edge...etc. Our advice is to stay shy of them (with the exception of Microsoft Edge, it is rapidly gaining popularity but we don't have enough data on it), because the less people use them, the more bugs you're going to encounter when building your site in Weebly with them.

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Monday, April 15, 2019




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