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Our Theme Development Process

Tens of thousands of Weebly websites around the world are powered by our themes, Our customer base consists of a very wide range of groups, from artists to large multi-national corporations. As a result, it is imperative for us to ensure that every product we release is top-notch and as close to perfection as possible. To do this, we follow a very disciplined development process.

Market-Analysis of Current Web Design Trends

Before we initiate product development, we conduct a very comprehensive analysis on the current state of the web. We look at what trends have come, which ones have left, and what industry-leaders like Google and Facebook are doing with regards to website design. Afterwards, we analyze each individual trend and determine how successful it is in terms of conversion rates, ROI, and other analytical results. Furthermore, we obtain feedback from our own users and determine exactly what they want. Our products are multi-purpose so we accumulate a very large mass of data to cater to the market.

Creation of a Comprehensive Product Development Roadmap

After we understand where the web design industry is at, we come together and create a product development plan. We identify exactly what type of product we want to create, which audience we're creating it for...etc. We generate mockups and sketch-ups, and create the overall idea of the product. Afterwards, we generate a product development roadmap and an estimated market release date.

Thorough Case Studies on Generated Product

Once we have the general product concept down, we begin analyzing the product itself and creating case studies on the concept. We analyze every single decision and see how we can improve it. It is critical to get this done before we begin product development, in order to perfect the theoretical concept. We look at the features & designs that we've decided to implement into the theme, and we analyze them carefully & thoroughly, sprinkling them with optimizations if need be for maximum performance.

Initiation of Product Development

After we've perfected the concept, it's time to start coding. Our team begins to code the product using the latest frameworks and technologies. We abide by the latest in web design trends and when one technology is no longer used in the industry, we abandon it. In fact, we were one of the first agencies in the world to completely adopt the responsive website methodology and abandon the antiquated multi-instance site model. Our designers and developers are some of the most skilled individuals out there, each one excelling at their specific task. We also use extensive cloud-based collaboration tools to expedite development time and optimize the workflow. We constantly test our products as we go, making sure that every feature is perfect. Furthermore, our code is extremely clean, giving our products some solid SEO boost.

Extensive Beta-Testing

At this point, we have a working prototype of the theme we're creating. We then distribute the product to our expansive and knowledgable beta testing team, who thoroughly test every single feature that the theme offers. This is where we squash any bugs that unexpectedly pop up.

Miscellaneous Optimizations

The product is near perfection, but we still have a bit to go. We optimize the product in any way relevant, depending on what type of purpose it has.

This is just a brief glimpse at our extensive development process. We create themes with utmost precision and accuracy to detail, and we believe our hard work pays off with regards to the high quality of our products.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019


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