Boost Your Weebly Website Design, Performance, and SEO With a Pixel Perfect Premium Weebly Theme.

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Browse Weebly Themes

Use Promo Code LUMINBLOG to get 50% off your order. Sale ends soon!

 boost your weebly website's design, seo, and performance with our premium weebly themes
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Wondering what specifically about our themes boosts your Weebly website's SEO?

Luminous is a leading digital business, doing everything from premium Weebly theme development to running large SEO marketing campaigns for businesses all over the globe, to even building advanced data-driven website applications.

Our wide expertise in the area of digital marketing, coupled with our strong technical expertise, puts us in a very advantageous intersection of marketing, design, and development.

Our themes for Weebly reflect this expertise. As such, our premium Weebly themes are loaded with features that are carefully developed to help your website improve its SEO (Search Engine Optimization)to the highest possible level.

If you're not familiar with Search Engine Optimization, it's a broad term to describe how your website performs in certain keywords that users type into search engines like Google. By "performs", I mean where in the list of website results your website is. The closer to the top your website is, the more clicks it will receive.

Websites with strong SEO obtain more organic (search engine) traffic, more exposure, and generate more revenue.

In this article, we'll dive into how exactly our themes are developed in a way to help you boost your Weebly SEO.

The Four Pillars of Technical Optimization

When developing our premium Weebly themes, SEO is a priority. We want our themes to boost your website's SEO as much as possible. SEO is a multidisciplinary field, with an incredible amount of moving components.

There are four overarching principles of the code that we build to run our themes: 

  • Content Amplification.
  • Website Payload Optimization.
  • Maximizing the Content Crawl Index.
  • Best Visual Practice Guarantees.

We carefully integrate each of these four principles into our themes to boost SEO.

1. Content Amplification

We design our themes to amplify your content as much as possible. When you drag and drop elements onto your website, our themes will automatically make optimizations to your content in order to ensure that search engine crawlers "see" your content as much as possible.

Content hierarchy is crucial when it comes to SEO. In the era of website snippets and information capture, our content amplification technology gives you a big advantage over your competitors when it comes to SEO. Our themes will automatically adapt your content to best amplification, and unlike default Weebly themes, our themes automatically sort your content for best hierarchy practices.

Our themes do all of this, without you having to do anything at all. It's all seamless and automatic. You focus on adding content, and our themes will do the rest.

2. Website Payload Optimization

Search engines spend a lot of time analyzing your website speed performance. Websites that are quick are rewarded, and websites that are slow are punished.

As such, our premium Weebly themes contain a huge array of optimizations to improve your website performance, especially in areas that these search engine crawlers look at.

These automatic optimizations that our themes give your Weebly website include: 

  • Image scaling - Our themes will optimize the images you upload for best rendering.
  • Script optimization - Our themes reduce un-necessary dependencies by using vanilla JS.
  • Minified dependencies - Where there are dependencies, we make sure to minify them.
  • Lazy Loading - Our themes incorporate lazy loading to reduce the initial website load burden.

3. Maximizing the Content Crawl Index.

When search engine crawlers come to your website, they're hungry for any content they can find. They try to scan and absorb as much content as possible.

Unfortunately, some UI elements accidentally "hide" content from the crawlers. This is especially true for Javascript powered content animation apps.

Our themes fix this by ensuring that all your necessary content is available to content crawlers, so that your website ranks higher in Google for the keywords you need most.

4. Best Visual Practice Guarantees

Crawlers will also look at your website's overall visual design. They have a list of visual defects that will hurt your SEO score, such as overflow, text that's too small on mobile, contrast issues, and lack of responsiveness.

Unfortunately, too many Weebly websites are affected by these issues. Our themes, however, remedy all of this. 

Our themes contain automated integrated tools to ensure that your website is ideal and fit for search engine crawlers. They have automatic safeguards in place to ensure that your content doesn't overflow, that your text size is proper for all screens. Our themes will also make sure that your website has proper contrast ratios in place, that your content isn't too close together on smaller screens, etc.

And, most importantly, our themes feature fully responsive dynamic-width designs that automatically make your site look fantastic on all devices, from mobile to desktop.

All of these attributes directly improve your website's SEO performance.

The Best Part?

All of this is automatic. Everything.

The moment you click on the theme "Install" button, all of these optimizations activate. Without you having to do a single thing.

With smart content recognition, all of these optimizations work quietly in the background, automatically configuring your website for the best search engine ranking. No setup needed, no configuring or coding required.

All seamless, and all automatic, in accordance with our primary objective: to make our themes as easy to use as possible.

Modern premium weebly website templates for your website

Trusted by over 30,000+ Weebly users, our premium Weebly themes and templates feature beautiful responsive designs and a powerful combination of features. Our themes are extremely easy to use and install into Weebly with just one click. Purchasing a premium Weebly theme is the fastest and easiest way to improve your Weebly website. Backed by 24/7 gold customer support.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


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