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Why Does My Weebly Editor Look Different Than Everybody Else's?

If you've been Googling on how to do something in Weebly and have noticed that your Weebly editor looks different than what's listed in online tutorials, it may be because you're using a different Weebly editor.

Weebly currently offers two website editors: their original drag 'n drop editor, as well as their eCommerce-focused Square editor.

The original Weebly drag 'n drop editor looks like this:

This is the original Weebly editor. It supports Website Themes, Blogs, Memberships, eCommerce, HTML/CSS access, and Weebly Apps.

The eCommerce-focused Square editor looks like this:

This is the eCommerce focused Square editor. It does not support Website Themes, blogs, memberships, or HTML/CSS access.

Although both editors are offered by Weebly, they're two completely different platforms.

The Square editor, for instance, does not support website themes while the original Weebly drag 'n drop editor does.

Which Weebly Editor is Better?

Below is a summary of the differences between the Square editor and the Weebly editor. In general, the Square editor is currently more catered towards those selling products online, while the original Weebly editor supports both eCommerce as well as general website editing, giving users the ability to switch themes and greater customization options.

In general, the original Weebly website editor provides a more "comprehensive" website building experience, offering tools like Blogs, Memberships, and Website Theme designs that provide a more rich website building experience.

The eCommerce focused editor, on the other hand, is better for those who want a standard website that sells stuff, as quickly and as soon as possible. The Square eCommerce editor does not currently support website themes, blogs, memberships or HTML/CSS access.

How Do I Switch Between Editors? How Do I Switch to the Original Weebly Editor?

Once you have a website in a particular Weebly editor, whether it's their original Weebly editor or their Square eCommerce focused variant, it's not possible to transfer your site to the other editor/builder. If you want to switch Weebly editors, you'll have to create a new account and start from scratch.

The reason is because the original Weebly builder and the Square eCommerce builder are two fundamentally different platforms. It's not possible to transfer websites between them.

Weebly determines which editor to assign to you when you're going through the onboarding screen after you create an account.

This is the screen Weebly takes you to after you create your account. Choosing "Try Weebly Websites" will give you the original Weebly editor that comes with themes.

If you're stuck in the Square eCommerce editor and you want to go to the Weebly editor, your best bet is to create a new Weebly account.

IMPORTANT: once you create a new Weebly account, you'll be taken to a screen that looks like the image above. You can either "Try Square Online" or "Try Weebly Websites."

As illustrated in the image above, clicking on "Try Square Online" will take you to the eCommerce Square editor that does not support themes, blogs, or memberships.

Clicking on the "Try Weebly Websites" option will take you to the original Weebly editor, which supports eCommerce, Membership, Blogs, Website Themes, and more.

Weebly's Two Different Editors, Summarized.

Weebly right now has two website editors they offer, and they assign users the website editor based on their selection during the new account onboarding screen as illustrated above.

The original Weebly editor supports full drag and drop, website themes, blogs, memberships, and eCommerce, while the Square eCommerce editor is more strictly focused on eCommerce and retail.

While it's not possible to transfer your current Weebly website over to the new editor, you can simply create a new account and re-build your website in your desired editor.

Hope this helped!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022




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