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 boost your weebly website's design, seo, and performance with our premium weebly themes
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Throughout the years, Weebly's website builder has grown in size, offering more advanced features and services. We've covered the advantages of using Weebly in your web design service workflow. Today, a countless number of web designers today use Weebly to create websites for their clients. If you're one of these designers, you'll be excited to hear that Weebly has just launched a brand-new platform tailored to website designers. The new platform is called Weebly for Web Designers (WWD) and it's quite a game changer.

An All-New User Interface Crafted for Web Designers

Weebly used to have a Weebly for Designers platform, but it was old, clunky, and outdated. This new WWD platform vastly improves on the former and introduces a gorgeous sleek user interface that makes managing your clients' websites super easy.

They've redesigned their entire user interface, making it much more convenient for web designers. On the main page, you're able to see all the websites you've made for clients, and you can initiate individual actions for each website right from there, such as publishing/unpublishing a site, generating a preview link, and changing the site domain. No need to re-open the editor to make changes to the site. This is a huge timesaver.

Access to the App Center (finally!)

In the old Weebly for Designers platform, you had a limited version of the editor which prohibited you from adding Weebly Center apps. This was troublesome because it limited the functionality of websites you created for clients.

With this new release, Weebly has finally brought the app center to its designer suite. So you can now create impressive websites for your clients with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from the Weebly App Store. With this new addition, the websites you build and deploy will be able to perform any task you want them to. The sky is the limit!

Reuse Your Website Designs with Site Templates

This is a brand new feature that will greatly simplify the lives of web designers. With this new WWD offering, you'll be able to create site "templates" in the Weebly editor (based off of either custom Weebly themes or Weebly's default standard themes) which you will then be able to duplicate and mass-produce. This will enable you to build and deploy entire websites in under 24hrs, if not much sooner!

As you can imagine, this can have a substantial impact on the efficiency of your website building process. Let's say you invest some time in creating a template for a real estate website. When you get an actual real-estate customer, you can quickly re-use this template you created and publish their website in no time!

A Revamped, Unlimited Client Access Site Contributor System

This new WWD platform makes it super easy to add client access to your site. One of the biggest advantages of using Weebly to build websites is that your customers can log in and make small changes themselves. Not having a client wake you up at 4:00 AM because they need a header text to be three points larger is always a plus.

WWD's new Site Contributor system makes adding client access super easy. You can add an unlimited number of client access logins for each site, and they'll be given their own portal to login. You can then restrict their access as much as you want so that they don't accidentally ruin the site. For example, you can enable permissions for certain clients to only certain areas of the website. Unlike in the old complicated system, this new Site Contributor feature simplifies things by giving all of your clients access to multiple sites with one simple login! 

New Pricing Structure

Pricing for the Weebly for Web Designers platform is very simple.

Two pricing structures exist, "Lite" and "WebPro." With Lite, you pay nothing for the platform. Instead, you pay a (starting) price of $15 per website per month. With "WebPro", you pay a $30/mo platform fee but only $8/mo for every website you publish. Of course, this includes hosting.

For smaller agencies, Lite may make more sense but as you scale up, WebPro can provide larger savings since the price per website is lower.

For both of these pricing structures, you can easily set up client billing to mitigate these costs to your clients. Most web designers charge their clients a monthly fee for website hosting and maintenance, and you can rollover these costs to there.

It's the Perfect Solution for Web Designers

Weebly is perhaps the only solution on the market offering such an inclusive and effortless solution for web designers. Traditionally, web designers had to worry about a wide array of things when designing a client website, such as hosting, domains, designs, website maintenance, security...etc.

With Weebly for Web Designers, all of those worries are neutralized. It's an all-in-one hub for web designers to build, deploy, and manage their websites for clients.

Furthermore, unlike with other WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) website editors, Weebly doesn't lock you in. The Weebly for Web Designers platform offers full access to a Weebly website's HTML, CSS, and Javascript code. This lets experienced web designers create truly stunning Weebly websites.

Professional Weebly Themes for the Weebly for Web Designers Platform

The one major downside of this new Weebly for Web Designers platform is the fact that it gives you the same default generic Weebly themes to use. These default themes are lacking in style and don't offer much customization, which is a big problem when you're designing websites for clients who want their own branding.

There's a solution. We design gorgeous, pixel perfect & responsive premium Weebly themes that are fully compatible with both Weebly and the Weebly for Web Designers platform. They are leagues ahead of default Weebly themes in virtually every avenue, from style to functionality. Plus, with our YouBrand™ platform, you'll be able to customize virtually every aspect of your websites. Our themes come preloaded with features such as full-screen mobile-friendly header slideshows, as well as OnePage vertical navigation and 3D TrueDepth Parallax.

You will love our themes for their ease of use, style, and functionality. Likewise, your clients will love you for the stunning pixel-perfect websites you create for them. It's a win-win.

Our Apollo Weebly theme is a favorite among web designers and Weebly users alike, and it's our best-selling theme thus far. Check it out today! It's one of the best investments you'll make for your web design business, guaranteed.

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