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Browse Weebly Themes

Use Promo Code LUMINBLOG to get 50% off your order. Sale ends soon!

 boost your weebly website's design, seo, and performance with our premium weebly themes
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Premium Weebly Themes vs Default Themes

As you know, Weebly has their own collection of free Weebly themes to choose from. Unfortunately, these themes are lacking in several critical areas and aren't much of a good choice for serious websites. That's where our premium Weebly themes come in.

Design & Style

The default free Weebly themes look very generic, and lack any meaningful style. They're also extremely overused--think about it this way. Weebly has, at most, 40 themes available to choose from. Given that there are 11 million active Weebly users, it's becoming very recognizable when a Weebly website is using a default template. This reduces credibility and professionalism. Our templates, meanwhile, will make your Weebly website look like it's been designed by a world renowned designer. We craft every theme with maximum attention to detail, and our panel of designers carefully maintain the beauty of the theme throughout development.


The default free Weebly themes don't even offer slideshow headers. Meanwhile, our themes are packed with state-of-the-art functionalities such as advanced 3D parallax, ScrolliPage vertical navigation, and PureSlider (a hardware accelerated touch-enabled header slider). Best of all, these functionalities are baked into the theme meaning faster loading times and a more seamless developing experience.

Ease of Use

Did you know that despite the impressive functionalities present in our themes, they're still extremely easy to use? That's right. Our themes, despite coming with 10x the features, are just as easy to use as default Weebly themes and in some cases even easier to use.

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Modern premium weebly website templates for your website

Trusted by over 30,000+ Weebly users, our premium Weebly themes and templates feature beautiful responsive designs and a powerful combination of features. Our themes are extremely easy to use and install into Weebly with just one click. Purchasing a premium Weebly theme is the fastest and easiest way to improve your Weebly website. Backed by 24/7 gold customer support.

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Monday, September 30, 2019


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