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Having Issues With Your Weebly Website's Mobile Version?

Over 70% of website traffic today comes from mobile devices. This is why it's essential to have a Weebly website that looks great not just on desktop, but also on mobile devices.

Fortunately, Weebly supports responsive websites, which is a term used for a website that automatically re-adjusts its layout when accessed on a mobile device. Mobile devices have very limited real estate, especially horizontally, so it's important to re-size the website and all its components for better view-ability on a smaller screen.

However, getting a website to look great on both desktop and mobile devices can be a very frustrating task. In this article, we'll go over the common culprits of website issues when it comes to responsive web design and viewing them on mobile devices.

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Fundamentals of Responsive Web Design. Is It a Bug, or a Feature?

In order to accurately access the issue you're having, it's important to understand what a responsive website does.

Back in the olden days, when smartphones were just coming out, websites had two distinct versions: a desktop version, and a mobile version.

These were two different websites that you had to build two different times. The mobile version was often just like the desktop version, except much smaller.

This was a hassle, especially ensuring that both websites were "up to sync" and offered a similar website experience. That's where responsive web design comes in.

Responsive web design introduced a new philosophy: what if, instead of building two separate websites, you could build just one "smart" website that automatically resizes and readjusts itself depending on the user's screen size?

If users are coming in on mobile devices, then the website adjusts itself for smaller screens. If they're on desktop devices, then the website "expands" and becomes larger.

This is the fundamental philosophy behind responsive web design, something that drives the web today.

However, what does a responsive website do exactly, when accessed from a smaller screen?

There are several things that occur. The navigation bar collapses, and turns into a "hamburger" style, similar to how navigation in apps is portrayed.

The body content of your website changes, too.

When you're building your Weebly website on a desktop computer, you might try to create a table-like layout, where you have elements side by side next to each other.

But when you view your website on a mobile device, you may be alarmed to find that the elements you had right next to each other horizontally are now stacked on top of each other.

While some may think this is a bug with their website, in reality it's a feature of responsive web design.

Mobile devices have limited screen estate, especially horizontally. It's nearly impossible to display elements on mobile the same way you would on a desktop.

That's why responsive websites will automatically "re-arrange" content on mobile devices, usually by stacking them on top of each other to save precious horizontal screen space.

If your concern is that website content is being stacked on top of each other--rather than horizontally, then this is not a bug, but rather a feature of responsive web design.

It can get frustrating, especially if you're trying to plan out a complex layout.

If you absolutely must have elements next to each other instead of stacked on top of one another, there are apps in the Weebly App Store that you can install, which "force" content to be stacked next to each other on mobile devices, rather than on top of each other. A simple "Responsive layout" search in the Weebly App Store will bring a half dozen of these apps, which are quite popular among Weebly users.

Hint: to better diagnose responsive web errors on your website, consider using Google Chrome's excellent "Inspect Element" feature.

Are You Using a Default Weebly Theme? This Might Be The Issue

Weebly is a great platform, but unfortunately, the built-in free default website themes are quite unoptimized especially for mobile devices.

If you're having issues with your Weebly website, and you're using a free built-in Weebly theme, then the theme could be the likely cause.

This is because your website's responsive code is dictated by the theme you're using.

A theme is simply the collection of code that powers your website. A theme with poor responsive characteristics will cause issues when mobile users try to access your Weebly website.

If you're trying to create the best possible Weebly website, it's advisable to consider purchasing a premium Weebly theme for your Weebly website.

Our premium Weebly themes come with advanced tools that will automatically make your Weebly website look fantastic across all devices, both desktop and mobile. It's all done automatically in the background, so you can enjoy a mobile-optimized website without doing any work.

Check the Weebly Apps You Have Running

When you install a Weebly App, you're adding an extra layer of complexity to your website.

Each Weebly App you install imports its own codebase to your Weebly website, and sometimes, the App's code can interfere with your website code, spelling trouble for your website's mobile version.

It's a good idea to do an audit of the Weebly Apps you have running, and to figure out if maybe one of them is causing trouble.

Unfortunately, there isn't a quick way of doing this except going through your apps one-by-one to identify the troublemaker. We recommend deleting all your apps, and then re-installing them one-by-one to figure out which one is causing the responsive issues.

Custom Code Can Cause Responsiveness Issues

Another very frequent cause of responsiveness errors we see in Weebly websites are custom code issues.

Have you modified your website's code, or added any new code through either the HTML/CSS editor, or the embed widget?

If so, this could be the reason you're seeing mobile errors on your website.

Custom code can conflict with the built-in responsive code in your Weebly website, and ruin the experience for your mobile visitors.

If you've added any custom code recently, it's a good idea to go back and see if its responsible for causing errors.

If you messed up in your website and want to go back to a fresh clean slate, simply select a new theme and the custom code you've added will be replaced by Weebly's default code.

Any Large Elements on Your Weebly Website?

While Weebly generally does a pretty good job resizing elements on your website for mobile users, large elements can spell trouble.

If you've got a huge image, a massive element from an App, or something else big on your Weebly website, perhaps its not getting "sized down" adequately on mobile devices.

Look through your Weebly website pages on a mobile device to see if you're seeing any overflow issues.

These are some general steps you should try to diagnose any responsiveness errors on your Weebly website.

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